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Board of Directors

CREW Maryland Suburban is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals—helping to advance the success of women in commercial real estate. Serving on the CREW Maryland Suburban Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other ambitious professionals working in the commercial real estate field. All CREW Maryland Suburban Board members and committee chairs serve individual terms of 1 year.


Julie Miller



Kelly Jones

HBW Construction


Kelly Jones

HBW Construction

Julie Miller



Mary Sokolowski

Cherry Bekaert


Laura Chite

Guardian Realty Management Inc.


Megan Alfonso

HBW Construction

Paula Williams Jackson

Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC

Kelly Jones

HBW Construction

Monika King

Arch Resources LLC

Past Presidents

2023 Jenny Mihailidis/Julie Miller
2022 Julie Miller
2021 Cynthia Bell
2020 Patricia A. Lang
2019 Kelly Whitton
2017 – 2018 Caryln Kelly
2016 Casey Cirner
2015 Rebecca Walker
2014 Ida Namur
2013 Heather Dlhopolsky
2012 Ann Marie Mehlert
2011 Sara Todd
2009 – 2010 Julie Fishbein
2007 – 2008 Erica Leatham
2006 Kathy Keller
2005 Dee Carl Metz
2004 Jane L. Przygocki
2003 Ann M. Coscia
2002 Janet L. Goldberg
2001 Jacqueline Mackey
2000 Nancy Regelin
1999 Amy Decker Cook
1998 Neve Patty
1997 Betty Seeman
1996 Olivia Byrne
1995 Claudia Pleasants
1994 Judith Meyers
1993 Jean Pettit Wirsching
1992 Janice Schiff
1991 Andrea Regan
1990 Sharon Oliver
1989 Dee MacDonald-Miller